Urban Revitalization in the Heart of Historic New Orleans

Faubourg Lafitte


On-Site bounded by Lafitte Street, Orleans Avenue, N. Claiborne Avenue, and N. Rocheblave Avenue.

Off-Site Faubourg Lafitte shares the same boundaries as NEWCITY.

Total Development Cost

$400 million


Following Hurricane Katrina, Providence Community Housing and Enterprise Community Partners were selected by HUD and the Housing Authority of New Orleans to plan and develop a new community on and around the site of the former Lafitte public housing development, a 27.5 acre parcel containing 896 apartments in New Orleans’ historic Tremé/Lafitte neighborhood.

Once complete, the project will include a one-for-one replacement of all 896 subsidized apartments as well as the construction of homeownership and moderate income rental units. In developing this new community in partnership with L&M Development Partners, the Lafitte Residents Council, and the Housing Authority of New Orleans, among others, Providence & Enterprise formally committed to:

  • Absolute opportunity for former Lafitte residents to return
  • One-for-one replacement of each pre-Katrina subsidized apartment with a suitable and comparable apartment in the same community
  • Active and meaningful participation of residents in the redevelopment planning process
  • Community supportive services for all residents, both in New Orleans and in other cities

Completed as of March 2016

  • 606 rental units have been constructed
    • 365 on-site & 241 off-site
  • 91 for-sale homes off-site (with all 91 sold or under contract)
    • 16 rehabs & 75 new-construction
  • 126 subsidized rentals for seniors at St. Ann Apartments and St. Martin Manor as well as 57 rehabilitated historic and other rental units off-site and 28 new, subsidized rentals off-site
  • 123 residents out of 865 residents living at Lafitte prior to 2005 have returned

Target Completion Date 2017

  • 290 more rental units
    • 100-unit senior building on-site at Orleans & Galvez
    • 89 market rate and workforce level rentals on-site
    • 92 off-site affordable rentals
  • 80 additional homes for sale
    • 52 homes for sale on-site
    • 28 homes for sale off-site

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